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How to Make Chili Oil Less of a Calorie Bomb

Chili oil – a calorie bomb to go with your calorie bombs

If I could nominate an all-purpose condiment that I couldn’t live without, it would have to be chili oil. It goes with everything—beef, pork, chicken, fish, even vegetables—but it’s a calorie bomb. Definitely not the lowest-calorie or most macro-friendly option out there unless you’re on that #permabulk. Here’s something we like to do for oil-based condiments to save some macros/calories:

1. Place 3-5 layers of napkins in a bowl.

calorie bomb chili oil

2. With a spoon, press the chili oil against the side of the bowl to drain the excess oil. Be patient; the more oil there is, the longer it will take to drain.

calorie bomb photo chili oil

3. Transfer the drained chili into the bowl lined with napkins. Place another 3-5 layers of napkins on top and press down firmly to absorb even more oil.

calorie bomb hack

4. Carefully peel the napkins off.

chili oil calorie bomb

5. Enjoy your reduced-calorie chili oil!

chili oil calorie bomb food hack

“But who cares about chili oil??? It’s just a condiment! It’s not going to make me fat!”

Actually, it could put you over your macros/calories if you’re not careful. 1 gram of fat is 9 calories. If you can drain just 1 tablespoon of oil, that would mean saving up to 135 calories. But who eats just one tablespoon of chili oil? If you’re like me and Pat, you could lose up to a pound a month (3500 calories) with this technique alone depending on how often you use oil-based condiments.

The bigger picture

If you make this oil-draining technique and similar practices a habit, it could very well make a significant difference in your caloric intake especially if you’re trying to lose weight or lean down. Is it enough to give you a shredded six pack? No way. However, like we always say, it’s the small things that you do everyday that end up making a difference in the long run.

calorie based sauce infographic

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