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About Us – Juan Resurreccion & Patricia Ramos

Hi! We are Juan Resurreccion and Patricia Ramos.

Together, we make up FITME.PH. We are fitness enthusiasts from the Philippines. Welcome to our blog!!

Thanks for stopping by.

FITME.PH started out as a wild idea to create a movement that is centered around Flexible Dieting. We believe in less restrictive dieting practices because we feel they are largely unnecessary to the lifestyle fitness enthusiast. A few years in, we’re happy to note that more and more people have become open to the concept of tracking macros with regards to achieving their goal body composition.

We hope to further those goals through blog posts, product reviews, Youtube videos, guest posts, magazine articles, newspaper articles, spotlight features, and more.

With your help, we feel that Flexible Dieting can be a mainstay in the Philippines. Our dream is to create a community of like-minded individuals who, like us, are passionate about all things fitness, whether it is bodybuilding, powerlifting, or whatever it is that they enjoy doing.

Juan Resurreccion and Patricia Ramos

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