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fit burger - the bodybuilder

Fit Burger – Macro-Counted Burgers in Eastwood City

Measuring and tracking everything we eat gets pretty dang old after while, so we try to break up the monotony by having untracked meals. Our untracked meals are probably the closest we have to a “cheat meal.”

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Our untracked meals are usually in the 800-1000 calorie range. That’s a good chunk of my day’s worth of calories, so it better be damn good. Lol

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When it comes to high-calorie burgers, we usually just hit up Zark’s, Big Better Burgers or Charlie’s. But when we don’t feel like blowing 800-1000 calories on one meal, we head to Fit Burger. Lots of macro-friendly options to choose from depending on how many calories we want to “spend.”

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fit burger - the bodybuilder

Before anything else, I just want to say that Fit Burger is the only restaurant I know of whose owner/s actually take the time to list (in detail!) the macronutrient breakdown of their food. One of the biggest challenges flexible dieters in the Philippines face, is the lack of available nutrition facts so we have no choice but to estimate. However, when calories are low and there’s not a lot of wiggle room, accurate numbers become a necessity ie when my calories are sub-1500, 100 calories is a big deal. Heh.

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At Fit Burger, they display the macronutrient breakdown of all their burgers, along with the other items on their menu. To long-time IIFYM-ers in the Philippines, this is heaven. Hea. Ven.

fit burger menu

fit burger -24 fit burger -23 fit burger -22 fit burger -21 fit burger -20 fit burger -19 fit burger -18 fit burger -17 fit burger -16 fit burger -15 fit burger -14 fit burger -13

Check it out for yourselves, guys! We would happily stuff ourselves with Fit Burger all day errday if we could. Seriously! Quality ingredients, flavorful burgers, low sodium (for those who are watching their sodium intake) meals and at affordable prices.


Fit Burger

Address – Unit LGR2-1 Le Grand Tower 2, Eastwood City
Phone Number – (02) 6213103
Fit Burger has invited us a couple of times to sample their food, but this visit in particular was paid for by us. This is not a sponsored post. Our views are our own.

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