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Oscar's Deli PH patties

Oscar’s Deli Product Review (Macros are Provided!)

We’re big on macro-friendly foods that aren’t too expensive but still convenient, so Oscar’s Deli is right up our alley. Spoiler: we’re very impressed. Definitely a game-changer.

oscar's deli PH

Past Experiences with Meal Prep/Food Delivery Services

Sometimes other meal prep services that provide calorie-counted meals or even “macros” aren’t as consistent as we would like because the ones preparing the meals don’t count macros themselves and/or have a limited understanding of flexible dieting.

In the past, we would pay for 1300-2000 calories worth of food (and we even paid extra for the additional calories mind you), but when we weighed the ingredients individually, they were a little off on their calorie counts. It’s really not that big a deal, but when you’re a smaller person on relatively low macros, 100-200 calories is pretty significant. Lol. Ain’t nobody got time for wasted calories especially when you’re cutting amirite?

oscar's deli
Click this to see the nutrition information of all the Oscar’s Deli products.

With Oscar’s Deli, we’re confident in the nutrition information of their food, and that they deliver on flavor and value for money as well.

Proton Bars – P90 per bar

Oscar’s Deli PH proton bars

The Proton Bars have a peanut butter base, so the nutty flavor is definitely there. If you like peanut butter, this is your bar. We split one, and Pat ate hers with her oats (she’s weird like that), but I had mine as is. I prefer the Proton Bars over the Fiber Bars. Definitely a good snack for us in between meals.

Fiber Bars – P78 per bar

Oscar’s Deli PH fiber bars

Beans are a common ingredient in macro-friendly baking so we’re pretty familiar with the taste of baked goods that have beans as one of the main ingredients. You can’t really tell they’re there unless you’re really looking for beans, or if you’re being really nitpicky about the texture. Pat actually prefers the Fiber Bars over the Proton Bars because of the texture. The Fiber Bars aren’t as sticky and chewy as the Proton Bars and are more cake-like.

Cake > everything.

Plus these bars contain a decent amount of fiber, which is always a good thing in my book.

Five-Star Classic Patties (Chicken) – P260 for 5 x 1/4 Pound Patties

Oscar’s Deli PH five star classic chicken patties

Pat requested the Five-Star Classic Chicken Patties because her main protein source is chicken, and she’s trying to keep her fat macros down. The chicken patties are really juicy and stay moist even when cooked over high heat without oil. Really, really good if you’re having trouble eating chicken or getting enough protein with minimal fats. Also, the price is very reasonable for 5 patties at 20 grams of protein each. If you’re like Pat and you get 80-100 grams of protein from chicken everyday, that’s just around P200 for 4 patties which I think is reasonable for a lot of people who eat out for lunch or dinner.

Five-Star Classic Patties (Beef) – P325 for 5 x 1/4 Pound Patties

Oscar’s Deli PH five star classic beef patties

We requested the Five-Star Classic Beef Patties more for my benefit because I’m #TeamBeef. Beef patties that have little to no fat, end up being a little grainy and dry. Oscar’s Deli beef patties have about 10 grams of fat per patty, which is a little high for Pat’s current fat macros but perfect for me. It has just the right amount of fat to keep the beef moist and still tasting like a real burger.

We love the five-star classic patties because they’re really tasty and quick to prepare. Just defrost and then pan-fry. We like to leave our patties out before going to the gym and then cook them as soon as we get home. Easy peasy.


Oscar's Deli PH review

Oscar's Deli PH patties

The steaks, ribs and patties are delivered raw and ready-to-cook. The patties are separated with paper so you don’t have to defrost the whole container just to get to one patty. THANK YOU. We thought this was a very nice touch. Makes everything that much easier to prepare. Lol

Oscar’s Rack of Ribs (Spicy) – P385 for a 1 Pound Rack

oscar's deli PH ribs

Macro-friendly ribs? Bruh. HNGGGG. So good! The marinade had a sweet-savory flavor with a kick, though we would have loved it to be even spicier because we love spicy food. Also, I’m very particular about ribs and barbecue sauces, so the fact that these ribs were delicious and they come with macros, is a score. I had pretty much the whole rack plus all the sauce, in one sitting.


We highly recommend Oscar’s Deli products to those who are looking for something convenient to keep in their freezers that’s macro-friendly and comes with nutrition information. They also have ready-to-eat food if you’re looking for quick snacks and meals.

Good food at a very reasonable price, and it comes with macros. This is coming from two people who don’t trust other people to compute the nutrition information for us. Lol. Sure at face value, it’s still cheaper to buy a kilogram of chicken breast at the grocery, but if you take the opportunity cost into account, I think it comes out to roughly the same amount. Consider the time it would take to make a trip to the grocery, season the meat, weigh out each portion and package them neatly for storage, not to mention the hassle of clean-up… yeah, I think it’s worth it. We’re pretty efficient at meal prepping by now, but it still takes us a good amount of time to get everything done.

Honestly, we’ve been hoping for something like Oscar’s Deli for a long, long time now. It’ll be great to have them close by when we start prepping or when we’re just too lazy to prepare our meals. I’m not saying we’ll be relying solely on Oscar’s Deli for our food, but we’re happy to have an alternative that we can turn to when we’re sick of weighing out raw meat. Feelsgoodmane.jpg Lol.

Check out their products you guys! You won’t be disappointed. Delivery is free for purchases above P400.


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oscar's deli PH


Disclaimer: These products were sent to us by Oscar’s Deli for review. This is not a sponsored post. Our views are our own.

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