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What's In My Bag cover

What’s In My Bag Feat. the Boxfit Total Duffle Bag + Giveaway Winners

What’s In My Bag Feat. the Boxfit Total Duffle Bag + Giveaway Winners

We’ve gone through a few bags over the years, but the Boxfit Total Duffle Bag is one of our most practical yet. Why? POCKETS MANE. SO MANY POCKETS.

Gone are the days when the bae and I can just roll up to the gym with a small bag. Now, it’s a full-blown duffle. Lol. We don’t really need everything all the time, but it’s just easier to store it in one bag rather than having to unpack it and re-pack it all the time. Also, it saves us time because we just grab our bags and go, or we just leave them in the car.

What’s In My Bag (Pat)

What’s In My Bag (Mico)

Lever Belt Lever Belt
Knee Sleeves Knee Sleeves
Wrist Wraps Wrist Wraps
Tourniquets Short and Long Bands
Short and Long Bands Knee Wraps
Golf Ball Golf Ball
Candy Pre-workout Packets
Pre-workout Packets Whey Protein Packets
Whey Protein Packets Converse
Socks Running Shoes
Wrestling Shoes Socks
Squat Shoes Toiletries
Socks Athletic Tape
Athletic Tape Fat Gripz
Lifting Straps Lifting Straps
Extra Clothes Shaker
Hat Ab Straps
Liquid Chalk Hat


We carry a lot of small items, or items that come in pairs, so pockets are a huge help. As in we can’t even tell you how convenient they are. We’ve been looking at duffle bags for a while now, but rarely do they have more than 6 pockets. It’s always just one big compartment and maybe 1-2 side pockets. The Boxfit Total Duffle Bag has 20 compartments. 20. Das so it mane. It even comes with a waterproof laundry bag which is great for storing a sweaty set of clothes.

What's In My Bag side pockets

Of the 20 compartments, there are 2 for an extra pair of shoes and a weightlifting belt. We use both compartments for shoes so we don’t have to carry an extra shoe bag anymore. Pat absolutely hates it when I put my shoes in with my clothes in one compartment (something I used to do with my other bags) so the 2 shoe compartments are a huge plus.

What's In My Bag inside

There’s not much to say except that it has everything we would want in a bag. If you’re looking for something that will fit everything you could possibly need in the gym, the Boxfit Total Duffle Bag is a solid option.

What's In My Bag boxfit total
Photo Credit: Jay Buen Top and Joggers: JFIT


  • Has 20 compartments/pockets
  • Fitted for weightlifting gear
  • Good amount of space in the main compartment
  • Thick fabric
  • Wide range of colorways (customizable!)


  • A little bulky
  • The shoe compartments might be too small for those with shoe size 12-ish and up

What's In My Bag boxfit total duffle bag

Giveaway Winners:

  1. Alyanna Uy – winner of BPI Whey HD 2 lbs.
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  6. Chelsea Maree – winner of a Severin Raclette Party Grill
  7. Danna Lao – winner of a FitBurger Meal for 2 (includes 2 burgers, 2 large fries and 2 drinks)

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks again to our sponsors. See you at the next giveaway!

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Disclaimer: The Boxfit Total Duffle Bag was sent to us by Supplement Hub. This is not a sponsored post. Our views are our own.

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