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bulking tips for ectomorphs progress photo before and after

8 Bulking Tips for Ectomorphs

6. YOLO Bulking

A YOLO bulk or a dirty bulk, is pretty straightforward. You get to eat anything and everything that you want in unlimited quantities. When people give you crap for getting fat, you just shrug it off and say, “I’m bulking, bro.”

bulking tips for ectomorphs progress photo

It’s not the best way to put on mass because you end up gaining a lot of fat as well, but I think going through at least one YOLO/dirty bulk is a rite of passage for all gym rats. We all go through them at some point in time, in one way or another. I’ve been there, Pat’s been there, everyone I know has been there. It’s a learning experience. I’d say the best time to do a YOLO/dirty bulk is when you first start lifting and you’re still enjoying all the newbie gains. Also, some ectomorphs may still manage to undereat despite the “YOLO” mentality which is why keeping track of your intake is still important.

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