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6 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results

2. No consistency in your routine

If you’re going to go to the gym once a week, then go once a week. If you want to go 5-6 times a week, then go 5-6 times. It doesn’t matter how often or how long, just that you do what you set out to do. Don’t go to the gym twice a year and expect to see results.

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I was still training 5-6x a week but didn’t have a program. I wasn’t counting macros yet either.

In my case, I was training regularly (5-6 times a week since I started going to the gym) but my nutrition was always the problem. I had no idea how much to eat, or when, and I was drinking way too many protein shakes for my size. It was a waste, not to mention counterproductive because I ended up putting on way too much fat during my “bulk.” As a result, I ended up building a bit of muscle with a lot more fat than I was comfortable with. To top it off, my strength wasn’t progressing much. When I finally got on a program and started tracking my macros, I started progressing more steadily. It was at that point where I guess you could say things were getting pretty serious.

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  1. Really helpful! 🙂 thanks for this

  2. I love your website, it’s so helpful! I think my issue with not seeing results is that I don’t have a program! what should I do?

  3. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people about
    this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

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